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If you still think women, blacks, and gays are oppressed then you’re nuts. Women are prized at this point, men do everything for them..power of the pussy and all that, and move way farther up in careers faster than men do now a days. N$@@&*$, are just a bunch of fucking idiots, who rioted and marched for the right to treat each other like shit in the 21st century, that’s no ones fault but their own, I know plenty of nice, successful black people, but N$@@&*$ will be N$@@&*$. And gays need to be a little tougher skinned and stop crying over bullshit. There’s no reason my words or anyone else’s should make you feel oppressed, or looked over. Jews were oppressed and sent to concentration camps, got out, moved to America, and are now one of the richest cultures in the world. Don’t blame your problems on the world. text from a boy after i told him about oppression.  (don’t worry he didnt censor himself in the original text) Posted September 18 with 4 notes